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Magic Hood: Foldable (Powder-Coated Steel)




The Magic Hood means less smoke, less fumes and less vapors for island cooktops with pop-up down draft vents.

This patent-pending high performance foldable Magic Hoodtotally reforms the fumes airflow structure above a cook top. Its uniquedesign re-directs heated cooking smoke/odor from vertical flow tohorizontal toward the hood. With the Magic Hood, the down draft vent cannow pump out almost all smoke, steam, grease and odor from cooking. TheMagic Hood is also optimized on both height and sidewall depth toaccommodate even the most heavy cooking fumes (smoke/odor vapors) comingfrom any cooktop burners, far or close, without interfering withcommon-sized cookware.

Designed with modern elegant simplicity, this patent-pending foldableversion Magic Hood can be folded into 3.5” thick compact size for easystorage after use. This top quality, easy to clean hood uses three fullsize durable piano hinges to form a straight linear, solid structure. Toset-up the hood, you can simply open up the hood, and secure two uniqueswitch locks on the sidewalls in seconds. On top of the hood, afoldable ergonomically designed handle makes it easy to carry forstorage. This product is made of precision laser cut, heavy duty, 304stainless steel, or laser cut coated heavy duty steel. Ourstate-of-the-art manufacturing technology and material selection ensuresthe best and long lasting quality.

Long lasting and easy-to-clean, its patent-pending designassures the most efficiency in guiding smoke flow into the vent. TheMagic Hood can be assembled in minutes with the include screws.

100% satisfaction guaranteed plus a 1-year warranty!

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Weight 18 lbs